Join our Wait List

After you join our Wait List, check out our Weed Maps Menu to get an idea of what you want when you come into the store.

Make sure you receive a Confirmation Text. If you do not receive one, it means the phone number is incorrect. Try again and please add a note that the 1st one was wrong.

Top Notch is committed to stay open during the current COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the Governor of Nevada. Cannabis Dispensaries are considered an Essential Business in Nevada, because we supply product for our medical patients. However they have asked us to follow a few guidelines to minimize any virus exposures to our staff and customers. Please read carefully and try to follow these suggestions when visiting Top Notch for Locals.

Our Waiting Room and Sales Floor may not contain more than 10 persons each. That means that only 5 customers will be allowed onto the sales floor. Each one will be accompanied by a Bud Tender so that makes our 10 person limit. This will slow down the number of customers we service each hour. We ask that you minimize your time when making your selections.

We have also been told that we can not have long lines outside the store. And each person must maintain a 6 foot distance while in the line. This Social Distancing reduces the amount of risk for passing the virus. Please be courteous of other customers in the line and try to maintain that space.

To avoid long lines we have purchased Wait List software to help us maintain a queue online so that customers can wait in their car, run errands, or even head home for a little bit. When your name is ready a text message will be sent to you telling you that we are ready for you.

We prefer that you join our Wait List using this web site, Facebook or Instagram. All we need is your Name and Cell Phone number. Once submitted you will receive a text stating you are on the list. It will also have a link you can use to see your position on the list. Make sure you get this text. If you don't it means you may have entered the wrong phone number.

If you have no Cell Phone, please use our Wait List anyway. Enter your Home phone number, and give us a call. We will make a note that it is a Home phone and give you an estimated time to come to the store. Once here, let Security Guard know it was a Home phone, and he'll get you in line.

When your name is up, we will send a text that you can either Accept or Reject. Please Respond. There is no need to hurry. Be Safe. We know you will be coming from your car, running errands or even at home. We keep you in the queue for at least 30 minutes, after which a voice call will be made, giving you another 15 to get here.

We prefer you join online. However, if you do come to the store, we will enter you into the Wait List outside the store. You will be entered to the end of the list. Save a trip and do it online.

When you arrive, show the Security Guard the Ready message on you cell phone. He will either direct you straight into the store, or ask you to get into a very short line. Remember to keep your 6 foot distance. We will have markers marking off the distance.

We ask our Medical patients to use the Wait List, so we can maintain an even flow of people through the store. We need to keep a steady flow and try to avoid a bottleneck if several Medical patients come in at once, we could exceed the maximum allowed by the State. We thank you in advance for that.

Once inside the process is pretty much the same. We will ask for the last 4 digits of your phone number so we can take you off the list. You should be called onto the sales floor almost immediately.

Our staff is doing an Amazing job. They see over 1,000 patients and customers a day. They are putting themselves at risk to serve you. Please, Please, Please, try to maintain at least a 2 foot distance between the both of you. Keep conversations to a minimum. Make your decisions quickly. It helps you, our staff member, and the next customer waiting.

To help make your selections quicker please use the Weed Maps link to view the menu prior to coming in. We will try to keep it as current as possible. We are also striving to keep our Weed Maps menu as current as we can. We are also temporarily suspending our Online Ordering.