We are happy to announce that we are open for Delivery.

Here are a few guidelines on that process.

Our address is 5630 S. Stephanie, Las Vegas, NV 89122.

You can phone us at 702-418-0420.

Any order made before 9:00 AM will be same day delivery. Anything after that time will be a Next Day Delivery. All orders will be placed using our Weed Maps Delivery Page. Orders must be a $75 minimum with a $10 delivery charge. We offer FREE delivery on orders of $150 or more.

We have uploaded our ENTIRE in-store menu into Weed Maps. The largest selection in Nevada! A few changes have been made for our customers that have used this in the past. We now list our Grams and Eighths as different items in the menu. Be aware of that, and try not to order eighths and halves from the Grams item. Use the Eighths items instead. Sort the Menu List A-Z to help you find your items easier.

All Prices are listed using our Retail Pricing. Medical Customers still receive the Medical Price when the item goes to Checkout. Additionally if you are in any of our Discount Programs, those discounts will be applied at Checkout.

All orders must have a picture ID uploaded with it. For Medical Patients it must be a valid Medical Marijuana Card. For others a State or Federal picture id can be used. The address on the ID does not need to match the delivery address. However, the address MUST be a private residence. We are NOT allowed to deliver to Businesses or Hotels. AND, the person receiving the order must match the picture on the ID submitted with the order.

A follow up phone call may be needed to clarify your order or request missing information. Once the order is ready it will be sent for fulfillment, packaging and checkout. At the end of the day, another phone call will be made to verify order, and to collect delivery information such as gate codes and special instructions.

When the order is ready to be delivered, we will assign it to a driver. That driver will call you prior to leaving our store to let you know they are on their way. They will tell you the final price. Please have as close to the actual amount as you can. We only accept Cash Payments.

When the driver arrives, please try to maintain the required distance from them. They will hand you your order, collect payment, then have you sign the drivers app, and the required Nevada State Delivery Manifest.

We are dedicated to serve you. Customer Satisfaction is extremely important to us. If anything is wrong with your order, please call us at 702-418-0420.